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Discus Hans is a Dutch Discus breeder who's been active in Discus breeding since 1982. In the internet contests which were held from 1997 till 2000 Discus Hans was chosen to be the best Discus breeder worldwide.

Since 2002 Hans is the Dutch distributor of "Stendker" Discus. Stendker has the largest Discus hatchery in Europe, and is for almost 35 years very respected for his high quality fish.

With an appearance at the 2003 ACA in Cincinatti Discus Hans and the Stendker Discusfish surprised everyone. "This quality haven't been seen for years in the USA" was one of the remarks.

In 2004 Hans took a big step in his life, quit his regular job and became Senior Promotional Sales Manager of Diskuszucht Stendker Germany. His special mission is to promote the high quality German bred Discus in the USA.

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